Common Cruise Ship Accidents and Injuries

By on 7-02-2015 in Personal Injury

For a lot of people, vacationing on a cruise ship is quite an ideal scenario. After all, cruise ships offer tourists the very best of a variety of travelling experiences. Cruise ships allow passengers to tour one destination after another while enjoying luxurious accommodations. Aside from being able to experience exotic locales through excursion activities, cruise ship passengers also experience a variety of activities while travelling out on the open sea.

Still, despite the convenience and luxury that cruise ships offer, passengers will have to keep in mind that there are certain risks involved in this method of travel. The risk of accidents is significant during shore excursions. In these events, passengers typically take part in activities like scuba diving, jet skiing, and bungee jumping. Without proper maintenance, there’s a huge possibility that the equipment used in these activities could be defective. There’s also the risk of facing accidents as passengers are transported from the ship to the shore through small boats called tenders, and as they are being transported from one venue to the next through motor vehicles.

The website of the Louis A. Vucci also points to the possible dangers that passengers can face while on board the cruise ship itself. These dangers are associated with the typical risks involved with traveling at sea, such as large waves, sea storms, and icebergs. Defects on the facilities and equipment on board can also cause fires and electrocutions. Another common accident occurs when a cruise ship fails to dock properly at the port, causing sudden lurching and other unexpected movements that can lead to passengers slipping and falling. Incidents like this can result in broken bones, head trauma, and spinal cord injuries.

Cruise ship passengers should be able to enjoy their dream vacation without worrying about disastrous incidents that may come their way. Unfortunately, reality points to the fact that these passengers should be made aware of the dangers they could face while enjoying their trip. Hopefully, these precautions can serve as a way to help vacationers be more discerning with the cruise line they want to patronize.

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