Fire Hazards in Offices

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Property owners should ensure the safety of their premises, especially if it is used by other individuals. In fact, they are legally required to do so, as failure to commit to this responsibility can result into premises liability claims.

One of the most common premises liability issues is fire. Fire accidents don’t just happen at home, as they can also happen in workplaces such as offices. Below are some of the fire hazards in office spaces, so property owners and employees alike can minimize or remove their risks.

Wiring Issues
Faulty wiring typically results into fire accidents. Make sure that your area has a proper wiring system and consult professionals for possible damages and maintenance. There are also instances where the wiring issues have been caused by the negligence of the property owners and employees, such as the case for the overuse of extension cords.

Since the use of electronic devices has become more prevalent, more and more offices are becoming prone to extension cord and power strip overuse.

Defective Office Equipment
Computers are the primary equipment in most offices. Though desktops and laptops have mechanisms to prevent overheating and fire, these mechanisms may be defective and malfunction. To ensure the safe use of desktops, give them ample space to avoid blocking the heat from escaping. For laptops, avoid using them on soft surfaces where their heat circulation can also be compromised

Defective Appliances
Appliances that can be found in office spaces can also be fire hazards. Make sure that these appliances are functioning properly to avoid accidents. This is especially true for appliances that involve heat, such as coffee makers and hotplates.

Combustible Materials
The presence of combustible materials can amplify the dangers of the other fire hazards in this list. If combustible materials are present near wiring issues, defective office equipment, and defective appliances, they may become the catalyst to spread fires. In offices, the most common combustible materials are papers, folders, partitions, and carpets.