How to Appeal a Denied Long-term Disability Claim

By on 5-28-2017 in Personal Injury

If your long-term disability claim has been denied, you should not just mope and give up. You should stand up and fight for the financial assistance you deserve, because after all, you can make an appeal for the insurance company to reconsider your claim. Below are the following things you can do to effectively make an appeal.

Study the denial letter

Before anything else, read and thoroughly understand the letter of denial, because it contains the reason why your claim is denied. It is important to know the reason so you know what aspect of the claim you can improve. For example, if the denial letter says that your claim has been denied due to the lack of medical evidence to prove your disability, you may want to get more medical records and opinions from your physician.

Check the deadlines

The denial letter contains not just the reason behind the denial, but also the deadlines to make and file an appeal. It is important to take note of these deadlines, because there is nothing more tragic than a legitimate claim being denied just because the deadline has not been reached.

Get the right records

Insurance companies and mediators may fail to get all the proper records that can effectively prove your disability, so it is your duty to make sure that all records, such as X-rays, MRIs, surgery reports, and emergency room records, are included in your appeal to improve your claim. The lack of proper records is often the reason behind the denial, so having more of them always gives you better chances.

Ask for testimonies

Testimonies may not be as powerful as official medical records, but they can help in improving your case. Ask family members and friends to write their observations and opinions on how you are physically limited because of your medical condition.
It is even better if these testimonies come from the right authorities, like physicians and vocational experts.

Get legal help

According to the website of Fields Disability, there are long-term disability attorneys – attorneys that know how the system works and can help your application to be accurate, complete, and submitted on time. Sometimes, having professionals who know how to navigate these legal matters is your best bet in getting your claim approved and your appeal reconsidered.